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Cookie Scoop – Let’s Start The Best Cooking Tips!

Cookie Scoop – Let’s Start The Best Cooking Tips!

A cookie scoop can make the baking process much easier to save the dough and get the best results. The different sizes of scoops available on the market will make you amazed.

You wonder how to identify which scoop size fits your cookie recipe and how many kinds of their sizes there are nowadays.

Finding the most suitable best cookie scoop set is a long process because you must consider many important factors.

So, what are they? Let’s dive right into this article to get more information!

Cookie Scoops

I will help you find why cookie scoops are indispensable to your simple everyday happiness. They are wholly in charge of baking a huge amount of cookies.

Let’s imagine you carry on a test on 83 pounds of dough with three cookie scoops to know the details on the size of the cooked cakes and how much dough will fit in a scoop.

My cookie scoops are functional and sturdy, and perfect like other ones when putting them directly in my dishwasher. I remember I probably ordered them online on Amazon many years ago.

Though I am not certain, there are many places to buy them. For example, you can find them available in kitchen accessory stores or even at Walmart or Target.

The Various Size Of The Cookie Scoops

The table below is going to tell you that different sizes of scoops fit the various amounts of cookie dough:

Scoop Size The amount of dough (teaspoons)
Small 2
Medium 1 1/2
Large 3

I will talk about how to change that into actual cookies later.

I usually use medium scoops for 93,6% of my cooking time. Actually, I belong to two scoops of medium size, but I desire to add the third one.

I am sure that you will never realize three types of cookies can appear simultaneously in your kitchen.


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The Standard Formula To Translate The Scoops Size Into Actual Cookies

I will guide you on translating the scoop size into baked and actual cookies. Ok, let’s take a look at the table below!

The cookie scoop sizes The amount of dough


Cookie diameter (inches)
Small No more than 1 2
Medium 1.25 3
Behemoth 2.25 4

The Dependence Of The Translating Formula On The Recipe

The spread level of several kinds of cookies, such as puffier, will impact the general size more than other ones.

The detailed formula mentioned above also varies according to your recipe. I will give you some examples:

  • For your cookie recipe with medium chocolate chip size, start with one cup of butter. You will have the results right about three dozen cookies of medium size.
  • For the recipe to make chocolate chip cookies having a Chewy flavor, you need to get ten tablespoons of butter, slightly less than other recipes, starting with 16 tablespoons of butter.
  • Using the small scoop is my choice if I would like to have tiny and lovable cookies to decorate cupcakes or a cup of ice cream or maybe something super adorable like that.
  • The huge scoop will be perfect for the large cookie when you like an in-charge and large cookie and bake sales.

Additionally, try guessing what? You need to know that these cookie scoops aren’t used for only your cookies.

When I use the cookie scoops for different purposes, several other handy uses accidentally blew my mind, which is why sometimes I think cookie scoops are must-have kitchen appliances for cooking like best oil sprayer for air fryer or best reusable keurig cup.

Why Is A Cookie Scoop Necessary For You?

It can be not easy to move the dough to the cookie sheet if you use your hands or any normal spoon instead of a cookie scoop, so the major benefit of this kind of scoop is to create consistency of the following aspects among your cookies:

  • Diameter
  • Shape
  • Size

Besides, a scoop also helps keep your hands clean and boost the speed of the shaping stage. But if you ask me whether or not this tool is worth having in your kitchen. Certainly, my answer is “yes, it is”.

Which Size Of Cookie Scoop Should You Get?

The scoop size you should choose depends on different factors:

  • The cookie sizes you desire
  • The amount of the dough will spread

You will typically find these cookie scoops, whose sizes range from #70 (2 Tbsp. of dough) – #30 (2 Tbsp.) because they are a scoop used to transfer the ice cream. The more the number of scoops you move from a bowl of ice cream is, the smaller the cookie scoop is.

I highly recommend you should select a scoop ranging from around #30-#40 (about 1½ Tbsp. of dough) for the majority of cookie recipes.

The scoops range about #20 (3 Tbsp. of dough) will be perfect for you to create a slightly bigger cookie.

Final Thoughts

It is necessary to research before you invest in the most suitable products. Especially to know which size of cookie scoops can fit your baking recipe, keep in mind to read through “Cookies Scoop” first. This step will help you buy the exact one you are looking for.

However, it is better to own three various sizes of cookie scoops if you afford to buy them because these kitchen tools can be used for multiple purposes except for baking cookies.

The best scoop to bake cookies depends on many factors, such as your goals and baking preferences.

Hopefully, you will find the “Cookie Scoop” post insightful and informative! Remember to stay tuned to the next post!

Thank you for reading!

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