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The Easy Ways To Peel Garlic – The Best Instruction In 2022!

The Easy Ways To Peel Garlic – The Best Instruction In 2022!

Peeling garlic is tedious, even when it is not the most difficult for everyone who has ever tried to use hand or spare knives to peel garlic cloves.

This action has your hands smell, making you think twice when using your hand for the peeling process. Especially if you are going to have an important meeting, this strong aroma can be a difficult problem when it is hard to wash off.

From all of that, it is no wonder that almost all home cooks want to have the easiest and quickest way to deal with garlic cloves.

So are there any easy and quick solutions to peel your garlic, even when it is one clove only or several cloves or even with their head-on, without making your hands smell of garlic?

Well, there is some method that you can easily apply, and we will find out in just a sec. However, to begin with, we should take some time to discuss storing and selecting fresh garlic.

Storing And Selecting Garlic

When buying garlic, you should pick the one with firm heads, without any soft or nicks cloves. If you find powdery patches or dark spots under the cover, it is best to pass this garlic up as these signals indicate common mold that eventually spoils flesh.

Regarding storing, you shall keep garlic with unpeeled heads in an open jar, then leave them in a dry, cool, and dark location, away from other types of foods. You can keep garlic fresh for three months by properly storing the method.

When time passes by, you might notice some green sprouts rising from the center of each clove. The sprouts are signals of new shoots, which can cause the garlic to be bitter. Hence, peeling garlic is a good point for you to slice and pick out these green shoots before using them.

Or, if you want to plant the cloves, you can have the garlic chives when they are about six inches as fresh chives. However, they might have a more pronounced aroma and flavor of garlic.

Hence, peeling garlic is pretty much manageable. Continue reading and find out the peeling solution for each type of garlic.

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Easy Methods To Peel Garlic

For Garlic With Few Cloves

You can pull the cloves away from the head for this type before putting their flat side on the cutting board across cloves. Then you have your knife top side a firm whack using the hand heel.

It would be best if you didn’t use too much pressure to crush the cloves; enough force will help loosen the skin that lets you peel cloves off easily by your hands.

However, if you want to smash garlic in the first place, it is not a concern whether you use much strength on the cloves. You can feel free to bang away the garlic.

What if you have too much garlic to peel and do not have much time? Following are some options for your pick!

For Garlic With Many Cloves

If your target is tons of garlic with more than ten cloves, using the 1st method to deal with the whole garlic head must be tedious. There is a better solution for you in this situation, by using just two large metal bowls.

The first is the well-known plain mixing bowl in aluminum that helps break the cloves. Then you invert and place the second bowl over the first, letting their rims touch.

Next, you need to hold the two bowls and shake them for about 20 seconds continuously.

Boom! The skins and cloves separate from each other.

Having Gadgets

You can find quite a few gadgets peeling garlic in the market now. Although some of these gadgets might work, the problem is whether or not it is the item worth your money as you can perform this task easily with the two-bowl method.

The worst gadget must be the garlic press, which works by smashing the unpeeled garlic with a fine hole mesh and moving the peels away. The issue here is this crushing releases exorbitant juice that might ooze all over places and becomes messy.

The appropriate gadget must be the silicone tube where all cloves will be inserted and rolled steadily on your cutting board or countertop. This version helps remove the cloves effectively, while this tool is quite cheap.

However, the only challenge is the cleaning process when it is not likely you can have the dish brush in such a tube.

On another solution with the same effect, you can use one jar of rubber grippers. In this way, you can roll garlic firmly using the rubber gripper.

This will have an equal effect as the method mentioned above with one tube. Our silicone egg poachers can be used as an alternative if you do not worry about the chance of your eggs tasting like garlic.

Using Pre-peeled Garlic

Even professional cooks think peeling garlic can take too much time. In this case, they might grab any bags or jars with the clean peel garlic in the grocery stores for convenience.

Some Last Words

You might now have a clear view of what to do with your garlic.

Each method has its benefits and drawbacks, and it will depend on your need and availability to have the solution to yourself.

Hope you have a great time cooking the meal for your family! Cheer!

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