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Watermelon Seed Tea – An Optimal Solution To Clean The Kidneys

Watermelon Seed Tea – An Optimal Solution To Clean The Kidneys

Natural methods are always the first choice today in health care. If you are looking for a method to help purify your kidneys, watermelon seed tea is one of the top suggestions.

What’s so special about this drink? How is it used? All relevant information will be answered shortly. Read on to learn more!

Where Does This Special Tea Come From?

Edward Cayce” is the character who invented tea. He is a person who researches and produces impressive herbal recipes. Today these formulas are still used, learned, and developed stronger.

Although he passed away a long time ago, the research achievements he left behind are always remembered.

During his lifetime, he was known as the “Sleeping Prophet” because he was well-known for lying down with his hands tucked across his chest. He appeared to be in a nearly meditative state in the lying position during this time.

While in this state, he was said to answer any question posed, and scribes recorded these answers. These copies have been handed down and kept to this day. This information is a useful document for people today to study and learn.

What Are The Benefits Of Watermelon Tea?

This tea is a great quencher for cleansing, detoxifying, and clearing the kidneys. It is worth mentioning that it is also a method to help you self-treat and remove kidney stones in the body.

In general, the method to make this type is quite simple with basic ingredients that we can find ourselves in the kitchen of our house.


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How To Make Watermelon Seed Tea?

Cayce has come up with a dosage formula to prepare this drink. Specifically brewing 2 liters, you can drink it for up to 2 days.

Let’s start mixing!

To make this type, you need 2 liters of water and about four tablespoons of fresh watermelon seeds. Then you take the seeds to grind in a coffee grinder or regular blender.

Note with seeds, and you can buy the whole fruit from the store and separate the fresh seeds without buying them separately. The seed must be used fresh to get the best use.

Next, boil the prepared water and then fill the boiling water with the crushed melon seeds. The watermelon seeds take 10 to 15 minutes to soak in the boiling water. Wait for the mix to cool and then strain again to get the liquid.

Dosage For Drinking Tea

As mentioned, you can cook two liters of beverage and use it within two days. If the beverage is leftover or the third day has passed, you should stop drinking.

You can be proactive in dividing the drink dose evenly over two days. People usually consume about four cups (about a liter) of this liquid daily. If you feel like it, you can consume a little more/less on the first day but leave some drink for the second day to continue using.

You can consume watermelon liquor once every three days, which is Cayce’s recommendation. Especially those who have a plan for drinking for two days in a row will drink it in a row for two days, then take a break on the third and fourth day to continue the process.


Many people have been surprised by how easy a nutritious and healthy drink like watermelon seed tea makes. If you are a health enthusiast with natural foods, you should not ignore this liquor.

Enjoy a cup to purify the body during a long tiring day to help strengthen the kidney health of yourself or your family members!

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